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The SalveoWorld Advantage

SalveoWorld is the first 100% Online Network Marketing System that has digitized inviting, business presentation, sign-up, account activation and product ordering up to product delivery. We have eliminated the hassles of traditional network marketing so you focus your time and effort in growing your business and maximizing your income!

Perfect Duplication System

Online Services

Cash on Delivery

Feel secured with our Cash On Delivery system nationwide!

Online Customer Service

We have dedicated customer care officers ready to assist you and your team anytime. We are just a chat away!

E-Wallet System

Fund your electronic wallet through paypal, bank or remittance for a hassle-free shopping or e-loading!

Dropshipping Services

No need to stock inventories. We will ship your orders directly to your customers while you get to keep 100% of your commission!


No need to spend money on offline seminars, you can attend webinars from your home and even watch recorded webinars if you missed one!

Online Daily Payout

Withdraw your commissions anytime without waiting for cutoffs!

E-Commerce Shopping & Online Direct Selling

Shopper or Seller?

Get lifetime discount of up to 40% on 3,000+ products under Technowise 360!

Earn Over and Over Again with our Repeat Matching Bonus!

SalveoWorld is offering world class, high quality and effective consumable health and beauty products. You will have no problem with repeat purchases because the products are priced perfectly for its value and its market demand.

Salveo Health

Improve your family’s overall health and well-being with our Salveo Organics product line. You can be sure that our products are natural and sourced only from the best producers around the globe.

Salveo Fitness

Lose weight in a healthy way with our GoodShape Coffee Product Line. It is made with natural ingredients that suppress appetite and increase fat metabolism while giving you that energy boost you need for the day!

Amaranth Beauty

Pamper yourself with our Whitening and Anti-Aging soap bar with added Collagen to moisturize your skin.

Highly Profitable Business

  • 15 Ways To Earn
  • 5th pairs are commissionable
  • Low & Easy Maintenance
  • Daily Maximum Payout Booster of up to Php 20,000/day!